JazzWerkstatt Wien Festival 2018 “before we die”

Those who do not want to wait until politicians start building monuments or for some elusive media hype are very well served with JazzWerkstatt Wien Festival. The slogan “Before we die” is an invitation to celebrate the Music of “Here and Now”. This year´s Festival has been curated in cooperation with fellow initiatives “Fraufeld”, “klingt.org” and “Fluxuskompensator”. Together we created a program meant to show like a kaleidoscope what the Vienna Music Scene is made of: stilistic variety, mutual inspriation and musical quality in different styles. Artists from three different generations, from abstract music to pop, “well rehearsed” to “spur of the moment”: JazzWerkstatt evokes Jazz not as narrow minded style and old music, but as a driving force of a social utopia in the spirit of the collective. Listening may be democracy´s most underrated tool, so let´s end this with Charlie Parker: “Now´s the Time!”

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Porgy & Bess, September 7, 2018

Blue Tomato, September 15 2018

Wuk Projektraum, September 19-23, 2018

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