Studio Dan


Studio Dan

Studio Dan is a Vienna-based group of about 20 musicians and associates (depending on the project). The ensemble was founded and is led by Daniel Riegler, a composer and trombonist. The band consists of the most innovative young players from the Austrian jazz and improvised music scene as well as specialists in New Music; the music it makes is as diverse as the members’ backgrounds. SD’s huge repertoire of pieces – ranging from jazz to rock, free improv to New Music, dada and concept pieces by more than ten composers – has been developed and documented on CDs and web archives.

In 2008 the collective was invited to serve as the stage band – effectively an ensemble in residence – in Vienna’s most renowned jazz club, Porgy & Bess. Their debut CD Creatures & other stuff was awarded  the “Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik” (German Record Critics’ Award). 2010, the group in collaboration with the singer Nika Zach presented their second album called Things at the Berlin Jazz Festival.

Studio Dan is dedicated to the development, advancement and realization of contemporary music, looking beyond the usual categories and styles. This goal is accomplished through performances in both conventional and newly-defined concert situations as well as through commissions, workshops, children’s concerts and internet distribution. The self-organized concert series Studio Fan in Vienna (Porgy & Bess) and Graz (TaO!) has created additional performance opportunities, allowing the ensemble to present its many facets.

Conducted and nonconducted groups drawn from a pool of 20 permanent members – specialists in jazz, rock, improvised and New Music – are configured to fit the performance setting. The ensemble’s repertoire focuses on the intersection of these seemingly contrary methods of music-making; its broad definition of “contemporary” positions the music outside of conventional categories. Studio Dan’s mission is to present an alternative to the exceedingly narrow definition of eurocentric-contemporary music, but also an opposite pole to dogmatic tendencies in jazz and improvised music.

(…) The musicians’ biographies read like a compendium of musical curiosity and stylistic giftedness, stretching fromrecorder lessons to the Vienna Philharmonic, from the baroque violin to hip-hop, from the Volksoper to electronica, from studies in America to a dissertation over aleatory music. A list of the prominent teachers, honors and prizes would fill pages. The entire Austrian experimental music scene shows up in the wildly diverse side projects of the individual band members. The band itself, which has a long-term rehearsal home in the Viennese jazz club Porgy & Bess, is five years old and now – after a preview single – enters the wide world with its real debut, the brilliant double album “Creatures & Other Stuff” – („Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung“, 6. Feb. 2010 / Ulrich Ohlshausen)

“(…) And not only the line-up of Studio Dan – a combination of chamber music ensemble, jazz combo, rock band and experimental electronics – is exceptional. In part by using strictly designed entanglements, Riegler masters the art of creating fascinating musical progressions out of fragments that in fact do not fit together. As paradoxical as this may sound: his music, which oscillates between concrete and abstract sensuality, is at once highly heterogenous and at the same time seems to be cast in one pour. (…)” (Tom Gsteiger, Der Bund)

Studio Dan


Daniel Riegler – cond | Gunde Jäch-Micko – vln | Martina Engel – vln,vla | Julia Purgina – vla | Maiken Beer – vcl | Bernd Satzinger – cb | Maria Augustin – flutes | Theresia Melichar – ob, e-h | Maria Gstättner – bassoon | Clemens Salesny – reeds | Martin Eberle – tp, flh | Philip Yaeger – tb | Peter Rom – git | Clemens Wenger – p | Margit Schoberleitner – perc | Leo Riegler – elec, voc | Tibor Kövesdi – eb | Wolfgang Kendl – dr | Werner Angerer – sound |



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