Koenigleopold feat. MC Rhine

Koenigleopold feat. MC Rhine

JWR 03/15
EP (Vinyl)

Human Skin Side:

1. 8th Of March
2. 8th Of March Instrumental
3. Scratchtools 1
4. 8th Of March A Cappella

Fish Skin Side:

1. Montschitschi
2. Montschitschi Instrumental
3. Scratchtools 2
4. Montschitschi A Cappella

Composed + Produced: Koenigleopold + MC Rhine
Recorded: Sixtus Preiss
Co-Produced: Sixtus Preiss + Andreas Harrer
Mixed + Mastered: Martin Siewert at Garnison7
Photos + Cover: Simon Brugner
Idea Of Putting A Fish On The Leash: Pawel Wocial

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