nee. – The Truth is on Fire

nee. – The Truth is on Fire

JWR 05/12

1. Du geile Wirtin (Walder)

2. Üzgün Hinde (Wenger)
3. Le Dindon (Wenger/Dremsek)

Clemens Salesny - alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Christoph Walder - horn, wagner tuba
Clemens Wenger - keyboards, electronics

Voices on "Le Dindon" - Valérie Sajdik, Benedikt Leitner
recorded by Clemens Wenger, July 2011 at Klangforum Wien
mixed & produced by Clemens Wenger
mastered by Werner Angerer
cover photo by Christoph Walder
graphic design by Clemens Wenger

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